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Museum Experience Kits

Our kits this year include:

Museum Experience Kits are available from June 1- December 1.  Patrons can choose one kit at checkout.  Kits check out for one week at a time and canbe reserved in advance.  Kits are good for 2 adults and up to 6 children.

 The Heinz History Center Kit is available year round.

On the back of each museum pass is a QR code for a virtual kit that will further supplement your museum experience.  Virtual kits are clickable PDFs containing fun educational materials provided by each participating site.

Heinz History Center

The Heinz History Center is one of Pittsburgh’s oldest cultural organizations. An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, the museum contains six floors of
long-term and changing exhibits with hands-on activities, as well as a multitude of events and programs.

Fort Pitt Museum

The Fort Pitt Museum tells the story of Western Pennsylvania’s vital role during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Through interactive exhibits, life-like historical figures and artifacts, visitors can discover the important role that our region played in shaping the country.

Meadowcroft Rockshelter

A variety of tours and educational experiences are offered at Meadowcroft, a National Historic Landmark. Investigate archeology and the prehistoric people
who lived in the area 19,000 years ago; travel 400 years into the past to explore a re-created 16th century Indian village; explore an 18th century frontier trading post; visit a 19th century rural village while learning from re-enactors; and more!

Historic Fort Steuben

Historic Fort Steuben was built in 1786 by the First American Regiment for the protection of surveyors who had been sent by the Continental Congress to map the Northwest Territory. Visitors can tour the reconstructed fort to see the soldiers’ quarters guardhouse, hospital, and commissary, as well as the Federal Land Office. Historic Fort Steuben’s many exhibits, tours, and events tell the story of the daily life of the men who helped open the territories to settlement.

Old Economy Village

Old Economy Village tells the fascinating story of the Harmony Society, a 19th century religious community. Visitors can tour the Visitor Center and many of
the settlement’s buildings such as the George Rapp House, Carriage House, Mechanics Building, Wine Cellar, Store, Post Office, Baker House, Bake Oven,
Community Kitchen, Cabinet Shop, Blacksmith Shop, and Granary. In these buildings, visitors can observe artifacts on display and learn about the daily life of the Harmonists.

Bradford House and Whiskey Rebellion Education Center

Step back in time at the Bradford House. Experience its beauty and heritage as guides in period clothing present its history, authentic furnishings, educational exhibits, and 18th-century garden, complete with a well house and log kitchen cabin. This museum and educational center includes reenactors on onsite and you will learn about the importance of the Whiskey Rebellion and David Bradford. Some exhibits include an 18th-century-inspired cage bar and a whiskey still display.

Fort Ligonier

Are you ready to do battle boredom? Attack apathy? Raise the flag on fun? Then bring your troops to Fort Ligonier and experience history like never before. Go around the world as you explore the stories of Fort Ligonier. This world-class museum includes an extraordinary collection of art and artifacts from across the globe — along with one of the most unique archaeological collections from the French and Indian War era discovered right on the grounds of the historic site.

Railroaders Memorial Museum

The Railroaders Memorial Museum offers limited, behind-the-scenes roundhouse tours! Follow docents through iconic rolling stock. This includes touring The Spirit of Altoona’s restoration shop and locomotive K4s 1361 itself. Visitors will also have the unique opportunity to step inside the “Mountain View” Pullman car to explore its many cabins.

For more information or to reserve your Experience Kit, please contact your library branch.