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Tot Time

This interactive program is for parent or caregiver and children ages two to four. Tot Time offers books, songs, an introduction to the alphabet, play, and a simple art activity. Receive tips on early literacy too.

Story Time

Story Time is for children ages five to ten. Parent or caregiver is welcome too! Story Time shares books, songs, and an activity for children who attend.


Babygarten is a lap-sit program for parent or caregiver with children (birth to two) that involves free play, songs, rhymes, and books that will help babies with language development and early literacy skills.

Story Hour

Discover the magic of books, songs, rhymes, and more at Story Hour. Story Hour is for parent or caregiver with children ages two to six.

Play & Learn

This is an hour-long play session for parent or caregiver and children birth to four. Encourage your children to love the library at an early age and meet other parents of young children.

Play & Learn the Alphabet

Toys are set up at these play sessions to promote alphabet knowledge and other early literacy skills. Play and learn the alphabet is for parent or caregiver and children ages two to six.

Other educational programs for children of all ages:

After School Crafts: Make and Take Craft program for school-aged children.  Registration is not required.

Kids Gaming Nights: Kids ages 5-11 get a chance to try various games on multiple systems including Wii, X360, (with Kinect) PS3 and PS4. Games range from E to E10+.

Summer Reading Club: Children, teens, and adults can take part in this program geared to encourage reading during the summer.  Prizes are awarded and activities are scheduled.

Family Movie Night: A chance for families to enjoy a movie ranging from G to PG13. You can even bring your own snacks!

Additional Resources:

Workshops for adults: at the Schiappa Branch about promoting early literacy in young children.

Presentations: at local community service agencies about promoting early literacy.

Children's Programming Contact

Have questions about our programming for Children?   Reach out to our office using the form below and we’ll reply with answers!