Voter Information

The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County would like to make it known to you of the resources offered by our local Board of Elections.

Voter Registration

Please click here for more information.


Absentee Voting Information

The Board of Elections offers information about absentee voting on their website. You may visit this site by clicking here: Board of Elections

Absentee Forms are available to be downloaded and printed from the Board of Elections website. You may access this service by clicking here: Absentee Form and Info


Candidates and Issues

If you would like to know ahead of time who will be able to be voted for and the issues that will be on the ballot, such information is available on the Board of Elections website. This information is in PDF format. If you do not have .pdf software please visit for latest version of adobe reader.

To access this candidate and issues information please click here: Ballot Information


To view past election results, including our most recent May 2013 results, please click here.