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Since June, members of the community have taken the time to address the Board of Trustees to passionately voice their concerns and call for action for the library to remove, relocate, or maintain as it is, library materials and displays with LGBTQ content.

The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County appreciates, acknowledges, and respects each of the viewpoints and the time you have taken to express those perspectives with us.

The public library provides information and access of its materials to all people of all ages. A public library provides an impartial environment with information in various formats and different viewpoints allowing an individual to choose for themselves what they want to read so that they may learn about the world around them and what is reflected in their own personal lives.

If at anytime someone is dissatisfied with a display, book, or materials in the library, please contact the library to fill out a request for reconsideration form. Reconsideration forms are available in person at each library location. The library is in the process of making it available online as well.

Book Displays

Book displays and exhibits are created to highlight local, state, and national celebrations and observations along with new library materials, services, and programs. A library committee chooses the book displays each year that will be implemented at each library location. The library system is working to equally balance the spacing and promotion given to book displays each month for children, teens, and adults. The library is also in the process of creating a suggestion form for those who would like to submit an idea for a future book display. Final decision for library displays will rest with the director, under the authority of the board of trustees.

Children’s Area

The library will not relocate children’s books from the children’s room to the adult section. Children’s books are written at age-appropriate levels. It is the parents’ decision to monitor what their children read and not for another person to choose for them.

Young Adult Area

The library is currently reevaluating the graphic novel collection. Graphic novels with mature content will be moved to the adult area.

More information about these policies is available here.

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