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Steubenville History Year American History
1492 Christopher Columbus arrives in the New World
1773 Boston Tea Party
1775 Revolutionary War officially begins with the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
1776 Declaration of Independence
1778 Continental Congress approves Articles of Confederation
Fort Steuben erected for the protection of surveyors 1786 Continental Congress adopts the “Dollar” and decimal coinage
1787 Delegates at the Philadelphia convention approve the Constitution
1789 George Washington sworn in as 1st President of the United States
U.S. Congress adopts the Bill of Rights
Fort Steuben destroyed by fire 1790 US Coast Guard is established
1791 Bill of Rights ratified by 3/4 of states and becomes part of Constitution
Steubenville laid out by Bezaleel Wells and James Ross. First sale of town lots on August 25. Water Street is the first street in Steubenville 1797
First recorded birth (James Hunter) in Steubenville 1798 US Marine Corps is established

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Steubenville History Year American History
First land office established in Steubenville.
Price for land at the time: $2.00/acre with a minimum purchase of 320 acres
1800 Ohio Territory is organized
Ohio admitted into the Union as a State 1803 Louisiana Purchase
Steubenville incorporated as a town 1805 Lewis and Clark reach Pacific Ocean
Western Herald and Gazette established as first newspaper. (predecessor of the Steubenville Herald Star.) 1806 Lewis and Clark return from exploring the Louisiana Territory
1812 War of 1812
Edwin M. Stanton born. He later became President Lincoln’s Secretary of War.First woolens made in US at Bezaleel Wells and S. Patterson mills 1814-1815 Star-Spangled Banner becomes official national anthem. War of 1812 ends
Steubenville Female Seminary founded by Dr. Charles Clinton Beatty. Closed in 1898 after educating about 5,000 women. 1829
Edwin M. Stanton admitted to the practice of law 1836
1846 Mexican War begins with the battle of Palo Alto
1848 Mexican War ends
Steubenville incorporated as a city 1850

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Steubenville History Year American History
First High School in Steubenville opens. Union Cemetery opens 1854
First Panhandle Bridge (railroad) built over the Ohio River 1857
1861 Confederate States of America formed. Confederate Congress adopts their Constitution. Assault on Fort Sumter. President Lincoln declares a state of insurrection in the Southern States
Edwin M. Stanton appointed Secretary of War under Lincoln 1862 Emancipation Proclamation
1863 Battle of Gettysburg
1865 Confederate States surrender ending the Civil War
1868 President Andrew Johnson impeached. He was acquitted by the Senate three months later
1869 Transcontinental Railroad completed at Promontory Point, Utah
Steubenville city limits extended 1871
Steubenville Pottery organized. 25 citizens started the company with $25,000 worth of stock. Last firing date was December 15, 1959 1879
Great Flood in the Ohio River, highest water ever known until that time 1884
Centennial of Steubenville 1897
1898 Spanish-American War

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Steubenville History Year American History
Gill Hospital opened on North Sixth Street. Closed in 1968. 1901 President William McKinley (from Ohio) assassinated
Carnegie Library dedicated on South Fourth Street where it still stands as the Main Library of the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County 1902
Market Street Bridge opens on July 2 spanning 1794 feet across the Ohio River 1905
Stanton portrait unveiled in the Jefferson County CourthouseCentennial of the Steubenville Herald Star 1906
Ohio Valley Hospital opens as the first public hospital in the city 1912
1914 World War I begins
1915 British liner Lusitania sunk, killing 128 Americans
1917 United States enters WWI
1918 Armistice signed ending WWI
1919 Treaty of Versailles, officially ending World War I
Fort Steuben Bridge opened on August 17. First Ohio River suspension bridge with a concrete floor. 1928
1929 Black Tuesday at the Stock Market signals the start of the Great Depression
Ohio River Valley Flood is the worst in the river’s history. The highest recording during the flood was 52.6 feet with an elevation of 686.3 1936 Jesse Owens wins four gold medals at Berlin Olympics. Hitler refuses to meet him.
1939 World War II
Current Steubenville High School building built at a cost of nearly $1 million. Labeled as “First Million Dollar High School” in Ohio 1940 Benjamin Davis becomes the first African-American General in the US Army
1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. United States enters World War II.
1944 D-Day invasion at the beaches in Normandy, France
1945 United Nations establishedEnd of World War II
College of Steubenville opens its doors to 258 students from four states 1946 Cold War begins
Steubenville celebrates 150th birthday 1947
1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established
1950 Korean War

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Steubenville History Year American History
WSTV-TV goes on the air with facilities at the top of Altamont Hill. 1953
Charles “Chip” Demarco receives a patent for his invention of the first electric pizzelle iron 1956
St. John Hospital opens on Johnson Road 1960
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1964 United States begins military presence in Vietnam
Jefferson County Technical Institute chartered as a public two-year institution. The school became Jefferson Technical College in 1977 and later became Jefferson Community College in 1995. 1966
1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong is the first human to walk on the moon
1973 Vietnam War ends
WSTV-TV becomes WTOV-TV 1978
1979 Iran Hostage Crisis
College of Steubenville becomes officially known as Franciscan University of Steubenville 1980
Veterans Memorial Bridge opened on May 4 after four decades of planning 1990
1991 Persian Gulf War
1992 United States and Russia sign a peace treaty officially ending the Cold War
Steubenville celebrates its 200th birthday 1997
1998 President William Jefferson Clinton impeached
1999 NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia. Panama Canal turned over to Panama on December 31.

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Steubenville History Year American History
Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County’s Centennial 2002
Ohio Celebrates Bicentennial 2003
Bicentennial of Steubenville Herald-Star 2006